Sunday, 5 January 2014

My little One asks more questions than my Mom

With a sibling coming in its a very Fascinating and emotionally challenging phase for the elder one. I have a 4.5 year old and the younger one came in when she was 2.5 years old. So basically I have been answering questions related to pregnancy for the last 2 years, and thought maybe it will end now. But I am always wrong and the questions only tend to become more complicated and demands more detailed explanations.

I read a few articles in the Parenting Guides somewhere on the Internet and it suggested that I should “Prepare” the older kid to bring in a new member in the family. I thought maybe that will be a good start for a healthy relationship and think of him as her own little friend. I was once again wrong.

I had opened a Pandora’s box.

When did God send the babies inside your tummy?
“After I got married” (hehe that’s want I want to teach her by setting a good example. Only after marriage)

How many babies did He gave you?

There must be a time when both of us were inside of you at the same time?

What did we do inside together?
Your eyes were closed and you were sleeping.

So our eyes open only when we come out?

Who brings us out?
Doctor at the hospital

Why do you have to go to hospital?
Because doctors are at the hospital

Then why was Jesus born in a stable?
(They were told the Christmas story at school, so more questions to answer. Huff). Because there were no hospitals back then. (I wanted to keep it simple)

How did the doctor cut your tummy- Sleeping line or a circle?
It was a sleeping line.

So when he had cut your tummy to bring me out doctor didn’t notice Jas (lil brother) inside?
(I know I handled the first question incorrectly, Wrong again, I should have said God sent the little brother in my tummy only after you were born. But) No, he was too small to bring out that time.

Then how did he cut your chest to fit in the milk feeding bottles – Sleeping line or circles?
Oh no, I didn’t think the previous question was only to prep me up for this big question. I didn’t want to disappoint her by not giving her an answer and didn’t even want to answer the question just to open another topic of discussion which she was not ready to handle yet. Thank god for a telephone call that interrupted our discussion that day, Saved by the bell. The question though still haunts me and I want to be prepared with an answer. Any help?

So I thought that was the end of questionnaire, we had over the past couple of months on and off. But then they were taught in school about the Lifecycle of a Hen. How Hens lay eggs and mature in 3 weeks to become a chick. So the next couple of days spent comparing her and Hen’s lifecycle.

Was I born as a baby or egg?
A small baby. You didn’t know how to talk and walk.

How long does a small baby take to mature?
It takes a lot longer, till you finish school. I wanted to say college but then I stopped at school. I am not as ambitious a mom as you might think.

If you eat less now, will there be space for more kids?
I don’t think so, kids live in a different part of the tummy. (Didn’t want to bomb her with a big word like uterus. Wish the world was as simple as their worlds, just one tummy).

I am hoping this is the end of the Pregnancy related questions. As much as I wanted to hurry up and get over with it, these Curious Little Minds have their own way. I think these rounds of discussion have atleast satisfied her for now and she can move now on to a different level. (Read as Let me live in Peace and bug her father with questions about the new Game on his Android Phone).

                             Love each others company and miss when one of them is at school


  1. This is hilarious !! Me and Reenu loved reading this.

  2. This is your future too .. brother :-)

  3. The questions which she asks are so funny :) . But at the same time as a mother you try to answer them instead of dodging. Now that's a good approach to parenting. Thumbs up !!!!

  4. Holarious however with loads of learnings.

  5. Good one...Getting some similar question now a days..

  6. Ultimate!!
    Liked it..!!!
    Gud work...