Monday, 1 June 2015

Unsolved Mysteries - I bet you can't answer any!

I have given up on Google now. I don’t know how to answer so many new questions everyday, and explain it to my Curious Georges, Brownie and Oreo. Here are some questions to tickle your brain, asked over a period of 4 days -

  1. Why do you put Bindi when grand parents come home? You said it signifies marriage to papa, right?

  1. Why are there so many planets, if they are not at all useful? There should be only one, i.e. Earth and make it bigger.

  1. Human being were Gorilla (Apes, she meant) once, no? So how did they shampoo so much hair?

  1. You said every story has a moral, what is the moral of your story?

  1. Why does Piku change her name in every movie, when you said I can have only one?

  1. Why did God give you only 2 kids, when he gave Naani 4 kids? How is it decided?

  1. Can we download pizza, please?

  1. If all people die and become stars, was there a time when there were no stars?

  1. Why did God make Sun so hot and Moon so white?

  1. Where do Dr Seuss and Chotta Bheem live?

  1. What is the difference between lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm?

  1. Why do we always have to eat and drink fast?

  1. Its always according to your will in this house, get up early, brush twice a day, drink milk, poop everyday, take a bath, go to school, why can’t I have my own home?

  1. Why can’t I get a permanent tattoo of a Barbie?

  1. Why don’t we just buy some money from the market?

It’s your turn now. Tell me if you have any answers or similar questions?