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Me and Oreo

Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Namrata Kothari, and I was once a software professional and cubicle dweller, am now a freelance writer by the day and blogger by the moonlight. I live in Bangalore. I dream of the day when I can say, "Yes, I have seen it all, in and around the city".

I am a proud mother of two attention sucking vampires (who don't sleep either), Brownie 6yrs, and Oreo 3.5yrs. I have a loving husband, who can be usually found in his office more than home.

Fighting a losing battle with the weighing scale and counting grey hair everyday, doesn't mean I am obsessed about it.

And I possibly have a multiple personality disorder, because I am very active and opinionated on Facebook, but in person, always in self-doubt about my parenting techniques.  I love to read, drink tea, bake and sleep, not particularly in the same order though.

Happy Reading!

My Family!

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