Monday, 30 December 2013

Love Those Memories (Part 1)

Here is a list of something Special (read headturning and sometimes headbanging) Dhriti (my 4.5 year old daughter) did or said. Its Part 1 because obviously I have 2 kids so there is more to come and no matter what my husband says love for first born is always more so the Part 1 is all about her. I have been compiling this for, can’t remember how long, so it’s a little loooooong. Enjoy –

At 1.5 years, Dhriti used to tell how to make tea. She said with all the expressions and eye rolls, water, tea leaves, ginger, milk and sugar and a little cardamom. Everyone used to keep asking her once more and she was more than happy to please everytime.

At 2years

Dhriti told a Landmark close to our apartment to a rickshawala. Proud mother I am.

Grandpa asked the meaning of Joke. Dhriti said “Do you want to go to school. Don’t worry I was just joking”. Couldn’t believe how promptly she explained.

"My Salman", Dhriti at 2.5. Salman is my favourite actor too J

When asked "Why does everyone love Dhriti so much ", she said "Because I am such a good girl, I listen to everyone and don’t do any mischief so.”  Nobody else needs to praise them, they are self sufficient.

Asked "How come your tummy has gone so flat", she said "I will have to eat Chocolate, then I’ll be fine ". So innocent.

At 3 years

After Jas was born "Papa mama are mine and Nanny is for Jas". Very clear signs who we needed to pay more attention to right now.

Papa said I am going to the bathroom carrying a book. Dhriti said "Take a newspaper, how come you are taking a book in today." Now Papa is answerable and has to be a good boy because someone is always watching him. (Could you hear my devil laugh)

She lost her hairpin in school and when asked where is your pin. she moved her hand in circles and said "abrakadabra"

"Then I will not talk to you", was her favourite phrase. It still is her favorite I guess.

After I delivered Jas, she kept saying “How come your tummy is still like dinosaur, is there another baby in there?” Last thing you want to hear post delivery:)

Right on her 3rd Birthday, Dhriti said, "Today is my wedding”. Then came the big question, "Who will I marry, you already have Papa and Jas is my brother?" I could see so much worry in her eyes.

She didn't like one of the shirts Papa wore one day. She said "What are you wearing today papa". Papa all embarrassed asked, why whats wrong. She said, you look like a policeman. Reason being the shirt had loops on the shoulders.

Grandpa told Dhriti, "Drink lots of water that will clear your stomach". She had some 2 sips and returned to grandpa, lifted her shirt and said, can you see a clear stomach now? Funny how they interpret things

Papa was tucking her in bed one night, Papa said sleep fast Dhriti I have lots of work from office today. Dhriti responsibly said "I will sleep on my own, you go and finish your work". All grown up.

Dhriti went to pick Grandpa to Railway station while he was coming to stay here. Grabdpa asked “How is Jas” from Dhriti in car, she said, he pulls down mama's pajama while trying to stand up. Heights of embarrassment.

Dhriti never wants to go back home when we are out. Keeps asking where we are going next. After getting out of a restaurant she said "Papa where are we going." Papa said, we are going home, aren't u happy what we did today, we have had enough. She being her dipomatic self said, "My tummy is happy but not me".

I was trying to teach Dhriti importance of brushing her teeth and told her "If you don't brush, the germs will reach your tummy and u will end up with a big tummy". Understanding the fact she immediately, with much thought said "Like you".

Because Dhriti had a lot of cough, after dinner she threw up everything she had. Then I said I will have to feed you again, the next sentence that came out made me realise that she was developing some sense of humour "Everytime you make me eat I will throw up. The more you feed me the more I will throw up". Speechless :)

Dhriti came and said "Mama Aarush said he will marry me". Yet to turn 4 yrs.

I was scolding Dhriti on the top of my voice and after I finished, she said "Mumma can you speak a little softly my ears are hurting". Broke us all into laughter

Papa was explaining Dhriti the value of money. He said, "I have to go to job so that I can earn". Dhriti's interpretation of the sentence was "I also have to "jog" when I go to skating class and I can "Run" very fast". "Job" became "jog" and "earn" became "Run".What a Vocab.

At 4 years now -

Went shopping with Dhriti for some sanitary napkins. Dhriti said - Buy sofy side walls. TV has such an impact on these young minds and she definitely has a good memory. Point to note she can’t read yet

Ask her to share bourbon biscuit with Jas and she will carefully divide the biscuit into 2 halves, she will have a cream half and Jas gets the half without chocolate cream. Both are happy. What love.

Dhriti's friend Anushka who lives downstairs was coming home with us to play with Dhriti. Anushka's mom said come back by 8 o'clock, Dhriti immediately turned to Anushka and very slowly in her ears said 10 o'clock, say u'll come back by 10. Already they have a time limit of 10 when they are 4, what does future hold for us, wondering!!

Dhriti said my husband is Shahrukh khan and I call him “Sharu”. So obsessed she is with marriage, I hope it’s a phase and will pass soon.

First said the word Girlfriend and boyfriend, though the definitions right now are a little simpler. Girlfriend means friend who is a girl.

Dhriti lost a return gift she got from a friend's party and then when we tried to explain it to her that it as her fault that she should not have opened it before leaving the party, She said "Yeah its always my fault. Whatever wrong happens is my fault. What papa does wrong is my fault. What mom does wrong is also my fault. I am always wrong ". She sure knows how to win an argument. Feel sorry for her would be husband.

As usual Grandpa and Dhriti were watching TV together in the evening with Dhriti comfortably sitting in his lap. An Ad for Venus razors for women came and Dhriti asked - "Grandpa do girls shave their legs?". We were all laughing and then grandpa thought of an answer - "Only after marriage". I think he only gave her another reason to grow up and get married

After Jas was born and till now, my skin and body has not come back to its original. I have pimple outbreak so Dhriti suggested me what I could do. I should use a Neem face wash like the one they show in ad. Handy tips she has for me these days

 While watching a romantic movie, she asked “Is she his gal?” God help us

These are some of the memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.

With Lots of Love.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"Papa can't open my eyes"...Monday Morning Blues

Waking up on Monday morning for kids school, a pain. Then waking up kids, a killer. But then when your kid says, "Papa I can't open my eyes", with that innocent face, it melts your heart and is so funny. It makes you think, are you the "Taare Zameen Par" movie kind of parents, just blindly following the Rules of the World? Is it really necessary? Then another thought makes a BANG sound right on the head, what if the kids don't go to school today, they will trouble me all day, what about MY day and what will happen to the home at the end of the day with kids. That is what drives me to pack the lunch box and get the kids ready for school. That might sound like a selfish mom, but that's the truth of nuclear families.